New computer!

After nary an upgrade for well over 5 years (probably more), I now have a brand new computer. I’m thrilled with it! It’s so much faster, and has so much more room! I haven’t had the chance to try to fidgit with creating a new page, but hopefully it should go well. At the moment, work is keeping me a bit busy, but when I get some free time over a weekend (maybe in a couple of weeks), I’ll take a shot at an update.

Basically, all else is well. Work is going pretty smooth, and I got a few bratty kids transfered out of my class. The ones left are pretty good, and hardworking… which is all I really ask for.

How about some celebrity feet?

Taylor Handly (Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

Lucas Grabel (High School Musical)

Jesse Metcalf

Zac Efferon

James Marsden (24th day)

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