Happy Halloween/Birthday!

It was just recently my birthday. I celebrated last weekend with some friends in a low key way… visited a museum, ate at a Japanese Grill restaurant, and played some board games. We’re an easy to please crew. Additionally, Sam took me out to dinner at a new semi-upscale restaurant nearby (which was pretty good), and more gifts at home. One semi-naughty gift: a t-shirt that has a pair of feet on it, and the word “Slave” written across the soles. It’s very hot. When I get a chance, I’ll post a picture of it. It’s only available locally at an LA Leather store called Rough Trade (and they don’t have a website, in case you try to look).

By and large, things are going well work wise, though I have a few asshole students. Because of work schedules, Sam and I haven’t been able to see each other much (or have much sex!) because of our semi-overwhelming work schedules. But we still call each other pretty much every day. It’s looking like he will move in with my by the end of the year.

We did manage to have one hot sex session. I tied him to a chair with his clothes still on, gagged him with my underwear, and tortured the hell out of his nipples (through his shirts). I pulled down his pants and worked on his cock for a bit. then removed my underwear from his mouth and shoved my dick in and made him suck it. After some more general abuse, I released him so he could work on me a bit. He didn’t tie me down, but he did shove his feet in my face, which had a nice sweet spot between the toes since he had worn the same socks for two days in a row.

The sex may not be as frequent, but it’s still good when we have it. 😉

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