Day: November 25, 2007

Holiday follies

Got to have a relaxing, fun Thanksgiving. Spent the holiday with family, catching up with lots of activity. Then Sam and I headed out to Vegas… purely for fun.

This is actually quite funny, as neither of us really gamble, neither of us drink, and neither of us are really club people. That wouldn’t seem to leave much left, as far as Vegas is concerned. But we are true nerds, and found all kinds of off the wall activities–we still have much to do!

On Friday, we checked in early. After a small nap, we headed out to the Strip, and shopped in the M&M store, and the Coke store. Saw the Bellagio fountain show, and stopped by the Conservatory gardens. Then we visited the Springs Preserve, which is a new urban garden and historical center. It was nice, and quite interesting! After that, we headed back to the strip and had dinner at a Brazilian restaurant in Planet Hollywood (Pampas, I think), which was amazing.

Lastly, we went back to the hotel where I tied Sam down to a chair and forced him to worship my cock and balls. After that, I moved him to the bed, tied his wrists to his ankles, and sat on his face while I tormented his nipples. When he came, I rubbed his cum on my dick, and forced him to suck it off until he drank my cum as well. It ultimately dribbled out his mouth.

Well, sex is great, but I can’t happen 24/7. The next day, we were back to our nerd selves. We visited the Bodies exhibit at the Tropicana (which is terribly interesting), played a game of Bingo at an off-strip casino (our only gambling weakness), played some pinball at the Pinball Hall of Fame (way off strip, but I totally loved it… I spent more money there than I did gambling, as all the games are restored to playing condition), walked around the Ethel M Chocolate Factory & Cactus Garden (which was lit up for the Holiday), and then saw Rita Rudner perform at Harrah’s. Quite a full today! Sunday was spent just driving home, where we ran into some expected traffic. In a bit, Sam is coming/cumming over, so that we can have another round of play before we all go back to work! Maybe I’ll write about it later. 😉