Month: December 2007

Please sir… can I have some more?

So if you can’t guess from these pics, the theme is that I got to snack on Sam’s feet last night. As much as I love him, his feet rarely have any odor to them. While I don’t necessarily like my feet totally rank, I do appreciate some stink.

So when he had me remove his socks to see what was there, and I noted an aroma from his right foot, he immediately ordered me to the floor. He sat in a chair, ordered me naked, rubbed his left foot all over my cock, and forced me to worship his smelly right. I’m getting hard again just thinking of it! I buried my nose between his toes as he rubbed his foot into my face, enveloping me, and ordering to clean it with my tongue. As you can imagine, it didn’t take me long to shoot. I may not have been tied up, but it was still very nice!

As for tomorrow, it’s nothing too exciting. Sam and I will be heading towards Disneyland for NYE–like about a billion other people. We are properly braced for it to be insanely crowded, and I’m sure it won’t disappoint. We actually probably wouldn’t have bothered, but we did score some free tickets for our friends (and Sam and I already have Annual Passes), so the night won’t cost us anything, at least. The next day I spend with family for a fairly large annual feast (which we will also be helping to prepare tomorrow, earlier in the day).

In any case, I hope you all have a great New Year! See you again in 2008, with feet in your face!

Post Holiday tasks & Sweeney Todd

(There is some naughty stuff and pics at the end of this update, so stick around.)

Hope your holiday went well. Mine was nice, and it was good to see friends and family. Now, I’m preparing the place for Sam to move it, and tomorrow am I (finally!) doing some post holiday shopping, trying to spend a whole ton of gift certificates.

I hope to get some new sneakers, which means I may actually try to sell my old ones soon on Ebay. In fact, I actually may have a few pairs to sell. I don’t know if they really will or not, but it doesn’t hurt to try. So keep an eye out… I’ll let you know here if I do!

If you haven’t noticed, I slightly updated my blog entry that is two below this one (titled “How Embarrassing”) with a partial foot pic of Bret Harrison, the lead from the TV show Reaper. It’s not all that clear, as it’s from a YouTube video, but I saw it freeze framed on a Tivo, and it’s much better there. Since I think it’s in reruns thanks to the writers strike, you may have a chance to catch it again.

I also saw Sweeney Todd last night–one of my favorite musicals of all time, ask me to sing the soundtrack sometime! I had very dim hopes for this, because I was just not convinced the leads could actually sing. For the most part, I think I was proved right, although I was surprised by how bad Helena Bonham Carter was. She couldn’t sing, and she couldn’t act (or her character was given supremely bad direction). Johnny Depp and Alan Rickman were passable, and the gore is fun, even if it does make you wince at times (and that’s coming from a Horror movie fan). And I like Tim Burton, for the most part. Sorry, but I just think that if you are casting a musical film, one should–oddly enough–try to find people who can actually sing. However, Burton’s attitude seen here does not fill one with confidence as far as musicals go. (Although he needed to worry about Helena Bonham Carter more!) If I were ever asked to choose between my love for Sweeney (the stage musical) and Burton, sorry, but the stage musical is going to win hands down. Glad I saw the movie once, but that’s more than enough for me.

Okay, on to the naughty stuff as promised. 🙂 Sam and I did play with a couple of toys I got him for Xmas. We have tweaked our tits with vibrating nipple clamps (which is more of an unusual sensation than a purely erotic one, IMO). Then I got him a Humbler with Ball Crusher attachment. (See it here at Extreme Restraints.) I thought it’d work well on him. I was hoping it’d work on me, but I wasn’t sure, since my balls tend to stay pretty tight to my body. But after a lot of work, Sam got them to pull through, and continued with the position you see here. He then pushed a butt plug into me, and jerked me until I came on the sheets, shooting towards my own face. UUUUUhhhrrrrrrmmmmmmmaaaaaahhh…

Hello, Mormons!

So I got together with some friends last night for our annual Gift Exchange. One of my friends gave me a calendar of Mormon Missionary bois with their shirts off. Most were quite the eye delight, and may in fact make me convert. While none of them are barefoot or tied up, go find some religion at Mormons Exposed. You’ll be glad you did.

Also, some interesting barefoot celebs at this thread:

Think of these as early Christmas gifts from me.

How embarrassing

You know, I never realized that I had misspelled the title of my blog this whole time. I just noticed it when I visited another blog, and they had linked to me as “Bearing my sole”. I saw the name on another page, and said to myself, “That doesn’t look right. I think they got it wrong!” And then I later had to hid my blushing cheeks. I’ve done this before… all through high school, I spelled choice “c-h-o-i-s-e” until a friend pointed it out to me because she was so tired of reading my misspelling in notes. 😉

On a short note, Sam and I finally managed to see Enchanted last night. It was overall very cute, and yes, you do get to see James Marsden’s feet and soles. The shots are pretty brief, but clear–should make a great cap when the DVD comes out. You also get to see Patrick Dempsey barefoot in pajamas, but never really get a good shot other than tops from a distance.

While in the theater lobby, we saw Brett Harrison, the star of TV’s Reaper. He looked exactly like he does on the show. Saddly for me, he was wearing tennis shoes… I’m always hoping to see some feet. He did get a very brief shot of the ball of his foot on the episode titled “What about Blob?”, if you have Tivo. This pic is from YouTube, so it’s blurry… but it’s pretty clear on the Tivo. It’s quite a tease, but looks promising!

Today we are off to Disneyland… just for fun! And then tomorrow, we both have to catch up on some work and holiday shopping. And continue to plan for our moving in together. Oh, and Sam’s going to wear the same socks again today, so that he can stuff a rank pair in my mouth later on tonight. Just to throw some sexiness in there!

First holiday treat

As an early X-Mass gift, I got Sam and I a membership to a local bondage club, where you can rent out stocked “playrooms”. We took a tour last night, and enjoyed it a great deal. There are also Men’s bondage parties about once a month (no sex is allowed at the parties, however–it is only to play with bondage and master/slave scenes). I’d like to go at one point, but Sam isn’t as comfortable, so we’ll take it slowly. But I do say that the people that we got to meet seemed very nice and welcoming, which was a nice surprise.

Afterwards, we were supposed to see Enchanted. This was our second attempt, as our first try about two weeks ago was thwarted by a broken projector. This time, we were just running behind schedule, and arrived late… late enough that they didn’t let us in. Oh well. The theater did give us a free pass to come back again, and we may try one more time tonight. James Mardens’ feet await me! And the movie looks funny, too. 😉

Since I had some free time, I did something today I’ve been wanting to do for a while–make a short video of my feet. I hope that at some point, Sam will be able to take more video of me (he is already responsible for many of the pics I add to my site now). Speaking of which, I’m slowly working on getting a website update ready sometime during the holidays. In the meantime, here’s the vid and few new pics to hold you over! (BTW, these are the same pics and vid I’ve added to my profile, as well.)

Almost time for Winter Break

Tomorrow is the last day of work for three weeks. Today was a small show at my school that I directed, and it went very well. But a lot of work went into it, so it’s always a relief to have it done. Over the break, Sam and I are planning on moving in together, which should be fun, especially since neither of us have really spent a lot of time on the details yet! But we do have some time still, as he also has three weeks off, and aside from the obvious holiday family obligations, neither of us have any other plans during this time.

We’ve been so tired/busy on the weekends, we haven’t had much “intimate” time. So we’ve been trying to make up for that a bit with some weeknight “festivities”. Last night began with me tying up Sam in the following manner:

I played with his feet a bit (who can resist in that position), but there wasn’t too much odor there. So to punish him, I made him suck me off a bit. Then I retied him (what can I say, we like various positions in one shot) face up with his hands crossed over his head, and his feet tied apart to a spreader bar, to which I also tied his balls too. Much like this pic:

I sat on his face as he muffled moans into my asshole as I pulled, twisted, and teased his tits (one of his big weakness), until he came.

Then it was my turn, where he mummified me (leaving out my cock) and ballgagged me. He sucked me for a bit, then lubed me up and jerked me as he mashed his feet in my face. Even though there wasn’t much odor, something about being forced to smell them while gagged was just irresistible. I came fast and furious.

Don’t you love stories with illustrations? 😉 In any case, I do hope to get around to a web update during the break… goodness knows I have enough pics to create an update… but I do have a lot of tasks (work related) that also need to get taken care of. So cross those toes!

Holiday Time is here again

And things are busy on the weekends–mostly with work, and mostly for Sam and myself. We tried to see the movie Enchanted last night. Not only does it look funny, but I’ve heard that James Marsden shows his soles–I’ve gotta see that! Unfortunately, when we got there, the projector had broken, and they canceled the screening! Oh well. We still got a relaxing dinner, and got to do a bit of shopping for the holidays. Today we stopped by Magic Mountain, since we’ve heard they are taking out a few of the smaller rides very soon. We are getting to spend time together, but unfortunately, not much of it has been sex… we are too exhausted all the time!

While that’s a bummer, on the good side, work is generally going well. My work schedule actually slows down a bit during the next two weeks or so (except for weekends). Although Sam’s goes up a bit. Still, we are looking forward to moving in together at the end of the month. Maybe I’ll try to do a web update then, too. Goodness knows it’s been long enough. Hopefully they’ll go smoother with the new computer.