Holiday Time is here again

And things are busy on the weekends–mostly with work, and mostly for Sam and myself. We tried to see the movie Enchanted last night. Not only does it look funny, but I’ve heard that James Marsden shows his soles–I’ve gotta see that! Unfortunately, when we got there, the projector had broken, and they canceled the screening! Oh well. We still got a relaxing dinner, and got to do a bit of shopping for the holidays. Today we stopped by Magic Mountain, since we’ve heard they are taking out a few of the smaller rides very soon. We are getting to spend time together, but unfortunately, not much of it has been sex… we are too exhausted all the time!

While that’s a bummer, on the good side, work is generally going well. My work schedule actually slows down a bit during the next two weeks or so (except for weekends). Although Sam’s goes up a bit. Still, we are looking forward to moving in together at the end of the month. Maybe I’ll try to do a web update then, too. Goodness knows it’s been long enough. Hopefully they’ll go smoother with the new computer.

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