Almost time for Winter Break

Tomorrow is the last day of work for three weeks. Today was a small show at my school that I directed, and it went very well. But a lot of work went into it, so it’s always a relief to have it done. Over the break, Sam and I are planning on moving in together, which should be fun, especially since neither of us have really spent a lot of time on the details yet! But we do have some time still, as he also has three weeks off, and aside from the obvious holiday family obligations, neither of us have any other plans during this time.

We’ve been so tired/busy on the weekends, we haven’t had much “intimate” time. So we’ve been trying to make up for that a bit with some weeknight “festivities”. Last night began with me tying up Sam in the following manner:

I played with his feet a bit (who can resist in that position), but there wasn’t too much odor there. So to punish him, I made him suck me off a bit. Then I retied him (what can I say, we like various positions in one shot) face up with his hands crossed over his head, and his feet tied apart to a spreader bar, to which I also tied his balls too. Much like this pic:

I sat on his face as he muffled moans into my asshole as I pulled, twisted, and teased his tits (one of his big weakness), until he came.

Then it was my turn, where he mummified me (leaving out my cock) and ballgagged me. He sucked me for a bit, then lubed me up and jerked me as he mashed his feet in my face. Even though there wasn’t much odor, something about being forced to smell them while gagged was just irresistible. I came fast and furious.

Don’t you love stories with illustrations? šŸ˜‰ In any case, I do hope to get around to a web update during the break… goodness knows I have enough pics to create an update… but I do have a lot of tasks (work related) that also need to get taken care of. So cross those toes!

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