How embarrassing

You know, I never realized that I had misspelled the title of my blog this whole time. I just noticed it when I visited another blog, and they had linked to me as “Bearing my sole”. I saw the name on another page, and said to myself, “That doesn’t look right. I think they got it wrong!” And then I later had to hid my blushing cheeks. I’ve done this before… all through high school, I spelled choice “c-h-o-i-s-e” until a friend pointed it out to me because she was so tired of reading my misspelling in notes. šŸ˜‰

On a short note, Sam and I finally managed to see Enchanted last night. It was overall very cute, and yes, you do get to see James Marsden’s feet and soles. The shots are pretty brief, but clear–should make a great cap when the DVD comes out. You also get to see Patrick Dempsey barefoot in pajamas, but never really get a good shot other than tops from a distance.

While in the theater lobby, we saw Brett Harrison, the star of TV’s Reaper. He looked exactly like he does on the show. Saddly for me, he was wearing tennis shoes… I’m always hoping to see some feet. He did get a very brief shot of the ball of his foot on the episode titled “What about Blob?”, if you have Tivo. This pic is from YouTube, so it’s blurry… but it’s pretty clear on the Tivo. It’s quite a tease, but looks promising!

Today we are off to Disneyland… just for fun! And then tomorrow, we both have to catch up on some work and holiday shopping. And continue to plan for our moving in together. Oh, and Sam’s going to wear the same socks again today, so that he can stuff a rank pair in my mouth later on tonight. Just to throw some sexiness in there!

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