Post Holiday tasks & Sweeney Todd

(There is some naughty stuff and pics at the end of this update, so stick around.)

Hope your holiday went well. Mine was nice, and it was good to see friends and family. Now, I’m preparing the place for Sam to move it, and tomorrow am I (finally!) doing some post holiday shopping, trying to spend a whole ton of gift certificates.

I hope to get some new sneakers, which means I may actually try to sell my old ones soon on Ebay. In fact, I actually may have a few pairs to sell. I don’t know if they really will or not, but it doesn’t hurt to try. So keep an eye out… I’ll let you know here if I do!

If you haven’t noticed, I slightly updated my blog entry that is two below this one (titled “How Embarrassing”) with a partial foot pic of Bret Harrison, the lead from the TV show Reaper. It’s not all that clear, as it’s from a YouTube video, but I saw it freeze framed on a Tivo, and it’s much better there. Since I think it’s in reruns thanks to the writers strike, you may have a chance to catch it again.

I also saw Sweeney Todd last night–one of my favorite musicals of all time, ask me to sing the soundtrack sometime! I had very dim hopes for this, because I was just not convinced the leads could actually sing. For the most part, I think I was proved right, although I was surprised by how bad Helena Bonham Carter was. She couldn’t sing, and she couldn’t act (or her character was given supremely bad direction). Johnny Depp and Alan Rickman were passable, and the gore is fun, even if it does make you wince at times (and that’s coming from a Horror movie fan). And I like Tim Burton, for the most part. Sorry, but I just think that if you are casting a musical film, one should–oddly enough–try to find people who can actually sing. However, Burton’s attitude seen here does not fill one with confidence as far as musicals go. (Although he needed to worry about Helena Bonham Carter more!) If I were ever asked to choose between my love for Sweeney (the stage musical) and Burton, sorry, but the stage musical is going to win hands down. Glad I saw the movie once, but that’s more than enough for me.

Okay, on to the naughty stuff as promised. 🙂 Sam and I did play with a couple of toys I got him for Xmas. We have tweaked our tits with vibrating nipple clamps (which is more of an unusual sensation than a purely erotic one, IMO). Then I got him a Humbler with Ball Crusher attachment. (See it here at Extreme Restraints.) I thought it’d work well on him. I was hoping it’d work on me, but I wasn’t sure, since my balls tend to stay pretty tight to my body. But after a lot of work, Sam got them to pull through, and continued with the position you see here. He then pushed a butt plug into me, and jerked me until I came on the sheets, shooting towards my own face. UUUUUhhhrrrrrrmmmmmmmaaaaaahhh…

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