Nuttin’ like jungle love

Nothing like an anniversary to make you especially horny. Especially when the rest of it had been primarily been spent finishing up the move and getting ready for work the next day after a three week vacation made it somewhat unromantic (we kinda knew that was going to happen).

Eventually, though, there was no holding back. I decided to be the dominant, and first tied Sam upright spread-eagled against our black metal canopy frame bed. (None of these pics are us, but it is identical to the bed we have.) From there, I blindfolded him, tied his balls to the lower frame, and tweaked the hell out of his tits, along with a bit of tickle torture. He was making a lot of noise, so I gagged him with a rubber plug gag, then sucked on his cock and tied balls. I then moved behind him, reached around, and tortured his nips some more (he really gets off on that) as I rubbed my dick into his ass. Lastly, I stood in front of him, where I tied our two hard dicks together, winding a rope tightly around both of them, mummifying them, and finally looping around our balls. Now any squirming we did tugged onto each other’s shafts and balls. I removed his gag and blindfold, kissed him passionately, and pinched his nipples mercilessly.

I then untied him, and led him by his ball leash onto the bed, and tied him in the manner you see emulated here. With his blindfold off, he was fully able to see that I was only wearing a black jockstrap. With Sam secured in place, I straddled his face and forced him to suck on my massive pouch, and ordered him to get every inch of it wet. I made sure to grab the back of his head and really dig his face into my sack, muffling his moans and making sure he had nowhere else to go. He did such a good job, I let him rim me while still wearing the jock. I made certain to place my full weight on his face so that he had nowhere to go but stick his tongue and lips further up my ass. It was totally hot to feel him groan into my tender ass.

When I felt he had fully worked on my, I took off my jock, stuffed it into his mouth, and rubbed my genitals all over his face. He wanted me bad, but I couldn’t let him have it all yet. I teased him with the thought of me jacking off into the jock, stuffing it back into his mouth, and not allowing him to cum. But I wasn’t really quite that mean. 😉 I went on to pull his nips even more. Eventually, I let him suck me, and I was able to 69 him for a bit. I told him I wouldn’t release him until he came. After some time, he finally shot, and I made sure that my mouth was there to take it all in.

That, enough, was pretty hot. It should be said that Sam typically is not able to have someone else get him off… he usually has to finish himself off, and, prior to meeting me, had only had one other guy ever get him off, and that was only after hours of play. I’ve gotten him off about 4 times, which is quite an accomplishment, relatively speaking.

In any case, after all that work, I had Sam mummify me, from head (after duct taping my mouth shut) to feet–completely encased in saran wrap, except for my nose. He tied my balls tight, sucked me for a bit, and then jerked me off while shoving his feet into my nose. It didn’t take long to me to shoot!

I guess you can say it turned out to be a very happy anniversary. 😉

Next weekend, we hope to have nice dinner, to try and find the romantic side of the event. 😉 In more mundane news, my first day back to work was very smooth, and while his was fairly miserable, it wasn’t a shock to the system. So that’s nice.

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