Settling in

After that last session, everything seems so mundane now. 😉

Last week, we did get to see the comedian Kathy Griffin live in concert at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles. We had nosebleed seats, but she was still pretty fun to see. It was a good time, and we were both surprised by the number of women at the show! And the eye candy as well. Although, believe it or not, but neither of us looked too much.

Since we were both exhausted from the move on our actually anniversary day, we decided to spend this last weekend having a quiet dinner at a local French restaurant. It was very nice, the food was good, and it was indeed relaxing. A very nice night out!

We have been settling in from the move fairly quickly. [In case you forgot, we moved in together during the Winter Break.] We’ve had numerous trips to Goodwill, so the next time you stop by, you may actually find some nice stuff there! Just too much furniture and not enough space. The big shock is that our furniture, while styled very differently, have actually blended quite well together. While there are always still some finishing touches (pictures to hang, books to arrange, miscellaneous items to store, etc.), things are essentially set up.

This last week has been the first time Sam and I have stayed together on weekdays/workdays. As you can imagine, things are always different from the “fantasy weekend” stay overs we’ve been having. Fortunately, we wake up pretty much at the same time in the morning, and the habits we have don’t seem to be getting in each other’s way so far. But ask us again in a few months, and we’ll see what the answer is then. 😉

Not too much else to report. We did get to frolic since the last time, and pictures were taken. Not sure if I can post them here, though… although I can say that my feet were tied to together, my big toes were tied together, my balls were wrapped up tightly, and the latter two were connected together. He likes doing that to me… lucky for him I like having it done to me. 😉

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