While at dinner last night, I ran into two former coworkers. One was a server, and the other a customer in a booth about 3 tables away. And they knew each other as well! It was strange, but a happy and unexpected visit.

As a delayed Christmas gift, Sam just got an HD receiver, which was installed just yesterday. We are now in the HD age. I enjoy it, but it’s certainly making Sam’s day, as he is really into this kind of thing.

Speaking of which, we have been living together for about 3 weeks now. We just talked for a bit last night that we think it’s going quite well so far, and it’s been a fairly easy and natural transition. So that’s pretty nice! Talk to us again in a few months, though, and we’ll see how it’s going then. 😉

Sam will be heading out of town for business next week, and he will be out quite a bit over the next few months. Fortunately, I’ll get to join him in New York in March for one of them, so that’ll be fun! It’ll only be my third time in NY ever, and the second time was for literally 8 hours, not even overnight. I was hoping my trip would time with one of those foot parties they have out there, but I’ll be missing it. Oh well, can’t have it all.

We have taken a few new sexy pics. Sam tied me up nice and tight, and snapped some pics of my bound feet. Hope you get to wack off to them… we got off, why not you? 😉

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