Has a month already gone by?

Wow, has it been busy around here. Both Sam and I have returned from our respective business trips, but there really hasn’t been any time for rest… it’s been just work crazy for me lately, with lots of long after hours. Just got done with a really hectic week, and it’ll still be a bit busy for this weekend to prepare for the upcoming week… but soon, many of the immediate goals will be done. Just a few more large future projects to go!

BTW, I did have a good time on my work trip. There was some play involved… it was at Walt Disney World, after all! But the parks were pretty crowded, so it wasn’t as much fun as I thought it would be. Plus, I really did have to take quite a bit of time and actually work some events. But I did get to reconnect with an old acquaintance that I hadn’t seen it nearly 10 years, and we got along well! So that was nice.

However, that trip was now over a week ago, and it’s just been insane busy since then. Sadly, this has left us with very little frolic time at the moment. Fortunately, Sam is very tolerant of the situation… I just have no energy left to do anything but sleep!

Well, before it got totally busy, we did get one nice play session in. Here I am, all prepped for some bastindo from Sam. He’s new at it (as am I, really), but I thought he did pretty well! And a few other pics (not of me, just netpics) to amuse you as well.

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