First day back in flip flops

Well, I hate to say it if you are currently in colder weather, but out here in California, it was a gorgeous day out today, and decided to spend it out & about in flip flops. Did a bit of shopping and errands, nothing special. But it was nice to be out, feet exposed. Since I haven’t worn them in a while, I sort of need to re-break them in again… the strap rubs against the top of my left foot a bit. Not enough to cause any pain, but just enough to leave a black mark. Not exactly sexy, or else would have taken newer pics. I’ll just leave you with some reposts, so you can get an image in your head.

BTW, I’m totally addicted to If you aren’t already a member, I don’t know what you’re waiting for. It’s free, and a great way to check out other like minded foot guys. One guy had a blog post that was an article about sock fetishism. While I’m more of a foot guy, I do like me some white cotton socks. Some guys talked about cumming into a sock, and then wearing it, feeling the cum gush around your toes. I can say it feels great! 😉

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