Day: April 14, 2008

Vegas Adventures

Just got back. The trip was mostly work related, and on that level, it went great. Tiring, but great. Had a bit of free time at the end, and Sam was able to meet up with me, so we did some nerdy tourist stuff: the Star Trek Adventure Behind-the-Scenes Tour (kind of high on our list, since there is a rumor that the attraction may be closing at the end of this summer), Bellagio conservancy, Rio World Buffet (we had never done it before!), and a bit of gay shopping at Get Booked & Leather Addictions. Neither of us really gamble, and time was a factor, so that was about it.

We also wanted to get back early to have some play time to ourselves. After all, Sam has been out on a business trip the week before, and left for another one from Vegas! So it was our only night together. Fortunately, we mutually discovered that his feet get wonderfully aromatic after wearing the same socks for two days in a row with a certain pair of sneakers. Generally, Sam’s feet are sometimes rough, and not smelly at all. Now they were smelly and soft… it was totally hot, the best smell I’ve ever had from him! He tied me with hands overhead to the edge of a sofa, and forced his foot into my face as he jerked me. It was probably the fastest I’ve cum in some time. Not that I was complaining!