Day: April 19, 2008

"Coming out" of bondage

You frequently hear coming out stories of how one realizes they’re gay… but I’d like to take a moment to reminisce about how I discovered I liked bondage.

I actually think I realized I liked being tied up before I realized I liked guys! I grew up with the 60’s Batman TV show, and was fascinated any time Robin had been captured by the bad guys. He was my first twink, and to see him squirm and struggle was a huge turn on for me at a time in in my life when I didn’t even know what being turned on meant! I used to pretend I was like him and wrap myself up into a rug, or tie myself up with a long cotton jump-rope, particularly to a wooden play chair in the living room, and wriggle to free myself. As time went on, my ties became more and more elaborate, and there was one time I almost didn’t get myself undone in time when my parents come home early one day. 😉

I also had a Spiderman doll, same one as the one pictured here! I wasn’t really that much of a comic guy, but Spiderman was particularly cool for me. I also wasn’t really a doll person, but I would put my Spiderman doll through all sorts of contraptions, devices, and various forms of bondage peril. I loved this doll, as it was a poseable action figure, but with a cloth costume. Naturally, as my screen name belies, I spent a lot of time tying up his feet, which could bend at the ankle, and would perfectly fit into some stocks I had made out of Legos. 😉 I also had a length of string which made a perfect rope for him. I mummified him, tied his wrists in front and pulled them over his head, bound his feet, and hogtied him as best I could (which was a bit tricky, even for an action figure).

This doll is directly connected to my first time cumming (aside from adolescent wet dreams). I was alone in the house, tying up my Spidey, and getting quite hard. All of the sudden, I thought it was be cool to tie Spiderman to my dick. It ended up in a position much like the pic you see here. Well, I guess it was just too much for me, because after a few minutes like that, lightly stroking Spidey, I shot ropes of cum all over. It flew way over my head, and seemed to keep cumming and cumming! I was exhausted and sweaty.

On the comedy side of things, my phone rang immediately thereafter. For some reason, I actually answered it, and it was an Army recruiter. He asked if I was busy, and I couldn’t really break it to him that I was standing there naked, covered in cum, with a Spiderman doll tied to my still-hard cock. As you can imagine, most of the call was a blur, and, mercifully, quick. Well, it did make it memorable!

What were you first bondage memories like?