Things should be slowing down… shouldn’t they???

Well, the big event of the year is over for me now, and it all went very well, thank you very much. 😉 But just when things should be slowing down, new items keep cropping up faster than I can keep up. Granted, it’s not as bad as the last few weeks, but just bad enough to keep me from really posting much here. It should slow down markedly by next week… I swear! And in any case, the end of school is in sight… and then I’ll have a lot of time. One of the tasks on my agenda for summer vacation is a redesign of the site. Goodness knows how long that’ll take, but it is something I’m thinking about.

In the meantime, how about some netpics I’ve found lately? Some bondage, feet, and cuties… what more do you need?

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