Long weekend

Been busy, but fun. Had a large family reunion on Saturday, with lots of relatives I haven’t seen in a long time. It was actually fairly nice! And I met a cousin I really didn’t know who could easily have a career in gay porn should he choose to have it… a young marine, built body, baby/twink face, sexy eyes, and size 14 (!) feet. As hot as this sounds, he really isn’t quite my type (believe it or not, but I’m in the minority of preferring smaller, well-proportioned feet), but I couldn’t deny that the majority of gay men would drop to their knees pretty quick for this guy, if you know what I mean. None of these are the guy, but it’s similar to the look…

He actually looked a bit more masculine, but you get the idea. Nice eye candy, in any case. Also, there is another cousin I don’t get to see too often since he is now married, has a kid, works for a Christian rock band, and lives in Tennessee, but it doesn’t stop me from thinking he is pretty cute. 😉

Next day, we spent visiting a lot of Sam’s friends (after a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm for their new ride, which, although short, is quite fun). Had lunch, saw the new Indy movie (it’s okay, fun, provided you are looking for non-thinking escapism), and met some other friends at Disneyland & had dinner. It made for a long, but fun day. BTW, ealier in the week we stopped by Universal Studios Hollywood and rode the new Simpsons ride. Fun & funny! Next week we head off to Magic Mountain to ride the new X2. We do it all! 😉

Today, did a bit of hiking, and went up near the Hollywood sign (you can’t hike to it–it’s illegal–but you can hike over it, which is what we did), and visited the Bronson Caves, which is most famous for being the location of the Batcave from the 60’s TV Batman. Now just relaxing, and preparing for some tied up foot service later on. Sounds good!

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