In the days before the internet

As hard as it may seem to believe now, there were entire generations of people who somehow managed to live without the internet. So in order to indulge in certain proclivities, one had to get creative.

For me, half the reason I realized I was gay was because I found myself lingering at certain pictures of guys I would run across in newspapers, magazines, and weekly ad inserts with the Sunday paper. After a while, I began to sneak back to old magazines and newspapers that were about to be thrown out by my family, and cut out the pictures of guys that turned me on. Being a semi-organized freak, I decided to make a “booklet” of them. Below are some samples from the pages from these booklets (there were ultimately two).

This first pic is the most meaningful to me. I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth talking about again. It was the very first pic I ever decided to cut out and save! It took me nearly years later to realize that nearly 50% of the reason I was so turned on by it was because of his feet–which, to this day, I still find incredibly hot. I actually had to do a bit of restorative work on this… the image straddled two separate pages, and had to be carefully glued together. (I think I did pretty well, it looks fairly seamless!) Why don’t more ads have images like this one? 😉

I do have to mention that aside from the pic I’ve already mentioned, the other image I’ve probably gotten the most *use* out of is this one. This blonde twink with the floppy hair came from a catalog for the Warner Bros. Store (remember that?). He is probably the closet to my ideal guy, physically speaking–love the hair, and for me, it’s all in the arched eyebrows. They can make a guy go from looking angelic and innocent to evil and naughty with a single look. It’s probably my biggest feature turn on (other than feet, of course!). I have imagined him and his tender mouth all over my body, gagged, and hogtied. Well, not all three at the same time. Well, okay, maybe all three at the same time. If I ever see this guy in real life, he’d better look out! Although I’m sure he looks pretty different by now.

The next images are somewhat larger than I usually post here, so you can get a closer look. The quality isn’t that great, but that’s largely because some of the original pics aren’t that great quality either. In any case, click and enjoy!

Over the years, some images got taken out and new ones put in their place. Some of these images date from the mid-80’s until now (but mostly 80’s and early 90’s). Most of them are total unknowns from weekly newspaper ad inserts, but there are a few celebrity pics from magazines as well (can you recognize any of them?). Each image was carefully scotch-taped into place, and just as carefully removed when I grew weary of them (hence why there are some tape marks on the pages, as pics got moved and rearranged). I got a lot of use from these books, let me tell you. Hope you enjoyed them too!

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