Slave to the computer

So Sam and I need to get passports. Sam has never had one, and mine has expired. I filled out my form online, and I thought he should fill out his. He agreed, but had an usual way of doing it.

Before he began, he stripped me down to my underwear, and made me lie down on the floor next to the computer, on my stomach. He then tied my hands to my ankles. He then removed his shoes, which he had been wearing all day without socks. I’m already hard, as they are the shoes that make his feet both stinky and soft. Needless to say, he teases his toes into my nose as he comfortably types out his form, ignoring my increasingly loud moans.

After a time, he leaves the computer for a moment and reaches between my legs, massaging my dick and balls. He tugs down my underwear so that my hard cock, which had been grinding flat into the floor, gets pulled out and yanked behind me, exposed and pointing back towards my knees. Leaving for a moment, he get some clothespins, and places them one at a time along my hard shaft. To muffle my moans, he ballgags me. He then returns to wriggling his toes at my nose, enjoying listening to my cries of delight through the gag.

He resumes typing, but after a time, he decides I’d be more useful face up. He removes the clothespins on my dick, rolls me over to my back (hands and ankles still connected) ballgag still in place–it’s not going anywhere. But now he can rub his odorous feet into my entire face. He takes a short break to eat and jerk me for a bit. He also removes his shoe and buries it into my face, pressing it down with his foot. This continues until he is nearly done with his work. He did have me cum ballgaged, shoe shoved on my face, into his mouth. I remain bound and with the shoe on my face until he completes the form–my punishment for cumming so soon. It should have taken only 5 minutes for Sam to finish his work, but it was more like an hour… I can’t imagine why? 😉

By the way… even though it’s done, I can still smell traces of his foot odor on my face. He’s putting his shoes back on again, so I can enjoy them again tonight. I’ll be hard for the rest of the day!

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