Re-vamped website in the works!

So, my little toe-tied pretties… I have been slaving away on getting together a new look for the website. I’m actually done with over 80% of it, but am looking to fine tune some things before uploading. In terms of content, everything is basically the same… just updated. But it will be better organized, and easier to open galleries. It’s not perfect, but improved, and it will be much easier for me to update than the previous site–which should hopefully allow for me to actually update once or twice a month (depending on my schedule).

I’ll be going out of town very soon on vacation, and won’t return until June 21. But not long after that, expect a bit of down time at the site (although I intend to maintain this blog, so maybe bookmark this link for updates), and the new site to go up, along with some new photos.

There is a small chance the some of the net pics may be going away to be bumped for newer net pics… so if you’ve been waiting to save any, don’t wait any longer!

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