Returned from vacation

I’m back! And back to work on the website. With some luck, it’ll be up later this week or next week. Expect some downtime on the main page until I figure things out, but this blog should still be accessible… so maybe direct link it now!

Vacation was nice, and I got to see some nice mid-wester bois in flip flops. Although not as much eye candy as I would have expected. Did get into some pretty good vacation sex with the BF tied to a chair, a smelly sock tied into my mouth, with the toe covering my nose.

I’m still spending time catching up on things in general, but I thought I shoudl let you all know that I’ve been working on getting a YouTube account back up (my original one was suspended by those cranky YouTube people, but they seem to be a bit more male foot friendly now). So enjoy a bit of my feet at my channel. I’ll also give you a sample here:

Slurp slurp mmm, tastes good!

And in case YouTube does take down my account again, I have even more foot videos at my page, so take a look at those, too!

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