Website re-launch coming soon!

Nearly everything that I can prepare before actually publishing the site is done. I’m sure when I do finally publish, all sorts of new problems will arise–so again, expect some downtime, things not working, etc., until it all gets sorted out. Hopefully, it will be smooth, but you just never know.

The BF and I are heading out to San Diego for a couple of days as a last hurrah before he has to return to work. Oddly enough, a number of our friends have done the same (without any previous coordination of plans to do so), so we may actually try to meet up with them just to socialize a bit.

I did get some paycheck bonus, so I’ve decided to do a few minor shopping splurges… first, I ordered myself a Fleshjack, which you’ve probably heard about. I got the “Ice” model, in case you are curious. I actually want to experiment with it by myself first, before having my BF to terrible things to me with it. 😉

Secondly, I ordered this athletic cup muzzle. It’s not really a gag (since nothing goes into the mouth), but I think the sexy possibilities are inherent. We actually saw this in New York at the Leatherman Store, but decided against it at the time (the website isn’t very good, but the actual store is). I’ve been thinking about it ever since, and decided to find it–which wasn’t easy… I found a site called Fort Troff. The cup can actually detach from the gag, and I’m assuming it could be worn as an actual cup all day and then placed over the face at night! I also intend to shove a sock or two inside it, as you can imagine.

On Sunday, there is an event for bondage enthusiasts. I can’t go into details, but Sam & I may be able to get tied up together for the first time. Sadly, cameras are not allowed… but if all goes well, I may have stories later on. 😉

I’ve also updated the look to my profile… so take a look at that! And I’m also working on a personals-type site for feet people like us called Feet-Meet. It’s not perfect, but it’s free, so give it a look as well!

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