We got labels

Now you can jump to all the pic posts of your choice. Of course, “feet“, “bondage“, and “eye candy” all refer to pictures on that post. Keep in mind that the label “tfg bondage story” frequently include illustrative photos, so I’d check those out, too. Eventually the label listings will be moved to the sidebar, but since it’s new, I wanted to make sure everyone saw it was there.

The old website should be down in a couple days, and hopefully the new site will be up shortly. I think it will all go fairly smoothly, except I’m having trouble getting my own personal galleries to upload, so those may not immediately be available in the new site. But I’m working on it. I do have a back up plan in case I just can’t get it to work, but keep those toes crossed… if the new gallery does end up working, it will be much nicer and faster.

No label for this update; I didn’t really feel general “web update” posts were worth labeling. But any post with pics definitely are! And so is my life. =)

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