How long does it take to delete a site?

Good grief… I made a request to have my site taken down about four days ago. The woman on the phone told me this took hours, not days. That was on Friday. It is now Monday, and the old site is still up. Egads.

Well, now I am heading out of town on business from now until late Sunday. With my luck, the site will be taken down while I’m gone. And if so, I can’t do anything about getting the new site up until I return. So just hang in there if you see the site down for an extended period of time.

That’s it for now. I am working on new videos (well, re-cutting old ones that have never been seen before… I guess that makes them new to you!), and it seems to be going fairly well overall. I’ll continue working on them upon my return from the trip, and start uploading them.

Hope you are enjoying the new labels! I didn’t realize how many hot bondage stories I had written down. Check them out under the “TFG bondage story” label. Many have pictures, too!

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