Lotion – w/preview pic (updated 9/30/08)

Believe it or not, but I never have really used lotion of any kind for my skin. But lately, even my feet have been a bit rough, and I saw an ad for a new Men’s Lotion, and it caught my eye. I’m not not a huge fan of the smell (it’s very aftershave-ish), but I have to admit, I do like it overall. It’s just fun to rub my hands all over my feet, and see them all glisteny and shiny. =) It does absorb fast, as advertised, and I like that quite a bit as well.

If anyone has other lotion and/or body care recommendations (particularly with feet, of course), please share!

Oh, and I’ve updated the main website. Lots of new pics from a Guest contributer, and a leather bound set and video not to be missed! The first pic below is Lee, and the one below that are my feet. If you like them, go see more at my site… it’s all free!

It may be a while before there’s another update, as the next month promises to be very busy for me. But I’ll do what I can.

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