Double cum

So the BF has been out of town all this week for work, and I’ve been pretty busy working myself. But tonight, after some time scoping out hot feet and bondage pics on the net, I decided I had to get myself off.

My own feet were smelling pretty ripe, so I pressed it against my face, keeping my lips closed and squeezing my toes around my nose, encasing my face in its rankness. Right then, I knew that I wanted to cum on my foot and lick it off. After a small time of inhaling that reeking odor, I couldn’t resist. I moved my foot to my cock, and shot a small amount of cum on it. I wasn’t consciously trying to control it, but I think I did try to hold back a bit. Well, I bury my face into my sweet foot, lap up my cum, and realize that I’m cumming again… a whole lot more this time! Cumming as I’m licking cum and smelling my foot. It was hot!

I haven’t cum twice in a row like that since high school. What a rush!

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