Milk: James Franco feet sighting

Just returned from a preview screening of the movie Milk, about the life of Harvey Milk. It’s quite good, and I recommend all see it… but to interest of the foot community, you do get some shots of James Franco’s feet about 2 or 3 times within about the first 30 minutes or so. The shots are not close ups, but they are there. Mostly side and profile views. You sort of see his soles, but they are shot as he’s swimming underwater, so they’re blurry (but you also get to see his ass ). At the end of the movie, you can see Sean Penn’s feet, but only in a shadow profile–no detail can be seen whatsoever.

I hope you in the United States had a good Thanksgiving. I did. Didn’t do any shopping today, but will tomorrow. Wish me luck.

BTW, this is the most posts I’ve had for a single month, and we’re not even done yet! Who knew there’d be so much happening right now?

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