Talk about tempting

So I have this coworker who has some of the most delicious feet I have ever seen. None of these pics are him, but they all remind me of his feet. He frequently wears flip flops, and likes to kick them off, so I get to see them again and again. He has the most articulate toes, and is constantly scrunching and spreading them. His soles appear tender and soft. He’s also openly gay, tall, lanky, and boyishly cute, which is a winning combination for me. 😉 Tempting indeed!

I remember one time where he had injured his foot, and directly showed me his sole. I didn’t get to smell anything, but I nearly had to fight down showing *something* tightening in my pants. When not wearing flip flops, he tends to favor low rise converse (I know–hot, isn’t it?). I do confess that I did once get a chance to sniff his shoes while he was away. Sadly, they only smelled of lotion, not foot funk. Well, I guess we can’t have it all.

Despite all my drooling, I’m not interested in sex–that’s one of the things I have my BF for, heh heh–but the temptation is great to just play with his feet for a bit, or ask him to model for me. And by God would he look mighty tasty trussed up and wriggling in a barefoot hogtie. But in addition to moral issues, there are legal ones as well. So it’s not going to happen.

BTW, my BF is aware of everything I’ve mentioned here. And believe me, I’m not willing to throw away a perfectly wonderful relationship for a few small moments of delight. I love my own guy too much to do that. But boy… do I still fantasize sometimes.

Again, nothing I’ve posted here are his actual feet, but they are similar, so you can see what’s tempting me so much. Can you blame me?

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