Holding Out for a Hero

So I’ve been looking around at some bondage pics… and lately, my eye has been a bit more drawn to the superhero/spandex set. I’ve actually run across a number of guys who have posted pics of themselves being tied up in full out superhero costumes, and I was surprised by how turned on I was getting.

Well, seeing those pictures and getting all these memories back made me curious, and I did some searching. And I couldn’t resist anymore… I bought myself some outfits and they arrived last week! They were actually pretty cheap (thanks to slave labor in China–eep, should I feel guilty about that?). I’ve already tried them on, and it’s a blast. The only minor quibble is that the boots for Robin are way too big, and since I have smallish feet, they kinda swim in them. Also, the mask that came with the Robin outfit was ridiculously cheap looking, but I already had a quality mask from a local leather shop. Otherwise, the fits are amazing! Naturally, I had to model and post pics.

Here I am in Spiderman’s classic outfit! It’s a skintight delight to wear (my first time in spandex/lycra!), and perfectly shows off a trim, twink-like figure. Plus, I personally find the feet alluring, although I can’t say exactly why. And, being a superhero, he often finds himself in trouble (i.e., bound) by the bad guy. Since I actually read Spiderman comics as a kid, I think this was basically my first acknowledgment that I enjoyed bondage. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see an adorkable twink (Peter Parker) in a skintight suit tied up and struggling? On a fetish note, I got this particular outfit with a removable hood (so that I could still easily be gagged and/or be forced to endure smelling feet), and a crotch zipper, for “easy access”, if you know what I mean. Let’s just say it’s already come/cum in handy.

And Robin is fairly self evident. The same reasons as above, only more so since he was literally called “The Boy Wonder”. Come on, Boi is right in the name! Also note I prefer the classic, 60’s TV version… they were always getting bound in all sorts of contraptions. I just wish he had been gagged, so he could moan a bit more!

I admit many of you will find them funny/crazy (even I do myself a little bit), but I know a few of you will really be turned on. I can say that my BF, who is kinda a superhero/comic geek, sure did. He took these pics, and I also had him take some pics of me tied up in them. But you’ll have to wait to see those! Let’s just say that things got sort of “carried away” at the photo shoot, and I believe the phrase “Robin cock tastes good” came up at some point. As my BF admits, this is part of the reason my galleries are always fairly small… after he takes a few pics, he’s so turned on, the camera gets put down and he gets to work. 😉

In any case, superhero bondage pics to come… stay tuned, TFG friends…

Oh, and for those of not so into this, I have regular feet & bondage pics coming up too! I’ve actually took quite a few foot pics last week, as my feet are looking quite amazingly smooth and soft lately. Gotta take advantage of that.

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