S&M on TV

Well, all you bondage/sci-fi/tv freaks probably already know about this, or have seen the caps. But it is so noteworthy, it is still worth enumerating again. Craig Horner, aka shirtless barefoot twink abs of steel, is strung up and tortured in the show Legend of the Seeker. It was one of the most magical moments on TV that has ever graced the screen. Yeah, it’s women… but you see his glorious, sweaty, abused body so much, it’s actually fairly easy to overlook that.

My only nitpick is that despite the fact he his shirtless and barefoot throughout the entire episode, you never really get a good look at his feet. I’ve added the only few good foot shots below the video… it’ll have to do. But looks promising! Thanks to justbtube for the video, and Superherofan for the caps. (I’ve been a longtime fan of the latter, BTW.) Anyway, I’m posting it now because, knowing YouTube, who knows when it’ll get taken down. So grab it now, while you still can.

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