Under Chair TFG Video, and a big Hello to all the new fans!

I actually uploaded this to YouTube a couple of weeks ago, but never mentioned it here… so I thought I would! I actually have about 4 more videos to add, but I figure I’d create some tension and not post all of them at once. I’ll make you beg for it, first! In the meantime, enjoy this video which was a request.

I’ve also posted quite a few videos that YouTube would not approve of on FeetFlixx… so be sure to stop by there, too. There’s a few older videos that I’ve never posted before on there.

Also, lately, I’ve been getting quite a bit of fan mail/positive feedback about the blog and site. Thanks to all who have written, it’s great to hear from you! I don’t know what I’ve been doing right lately to get so much attention of late, but I guess I’ll keep doing it! 😉 I’ve also been getting more interest in my GearFetish profile (tiedfeetguy). I had always been somewhat tepid about signing up for it, since more about gear than feet, but with a greater interest in shoes, socks, and my new superhero costumes, I’ve been a bit more active lately. Take a look of any of those things catch your fancy, and say hi!

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