Suitable for framing

I normally would have posted sooner than this, but not only did I have two large events last weekend (both of which went very well, fortunately), I also got extremely sick immediately after them. I slept for 18 hours straight, I didn’t eat, and it was an effort to stand and walk. Even surfing the internet was draining… so you know I wasn’t feeling well then!

Fortunately I’m feeling much better now. While I’m here, I should mention that Valentine’s will be a fairly sedate affair this year around… I was too sick to plan anything earlier, and now, even though I’m feeling better, my partner is getting sick (with something different and a bit milder, at least–I had a flu, and he seems to have a cold). I’m also working part of the day tomorrow, but we do have the evening free, and are seeing a show later that night. After that, we may just head of to bed afterwards–although not in a sexy way, given our current health situation. Disappointing, but it also makes you appreciate that at least I get to lie down next to the one I love every night.

So perhaps to make up for some missing romanticism, here’s something a bit more on the tender side of the bondage/foot fetish. A few of these pics are intended to be artistic (I believe a couple of them are Castro), and a few are just a few I saw that I decided to make a bit more artsy. Sometimes it’s nice to have a more sophisticated touch…

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