Couldn’t Resist

Some humor for us foot guys… although I think we already have this as…

On another note, my BF and I have finally received and set up what was ordered as a Christmas gift way back when… a Dungeon Bed! All this time, we had a metal frame canopy bed which, while rife with bondage opportunities, was not really intended for it, and the metal bars were fairly weak and flimsy. This new bed has incredibly strong supports, and we added extra hoop ring restraints across the top. This allows for possible suspension! While we don’t own anything like that yet, we are now going to be looking into it.

The best part, as you can see below, is that while it’s great for play, it also passes during the day! So if family or vanilla friends stop by to visit, it doesn’t scream obvious dungeon toy.

It was very expensive. It can be ordered from a few places. We decided to patronize our local Mr. S Leather store, and get it from there. But you can also order it directly from their website (although no international shipping). Oddly enough, it was the same price whether it came from the store or the manufacturer, so if you can support a local business, might as well do it! We’ve had quite a bit of fun on it already, and I’m sure they’ll be more stories to cum later.

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