Sneakers, Sleepsacks, and Special Guests

Well, it’s still been a crappy week, and yesterday didn’t help all that much. But I am deciding to post some pics after all. This is more of a website update… so if you like what you see, visit my main page here!

First off, a teaser with me tied in Adidas, and freefooting in black sk8tr Vans. Very hot! Then, more of me mummified in the neoprene sleepsack. I’m getting very attached to that thing! Adding a Bishop Head Harndess (where I’m gagged and blindfolded, but my nose is exposed to smell anything that may happen to get shoved next to it) certainly helps things.

Lastly, a great set of pics sent in by a reader from Poland, “de_md2”! You will not be disappointed in his ropework, or great eye for feet and tying up those toes! Again, see the rest of his work on my site, under “Guest Contributors”.

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