In Your Face, Part 4 (Updated–TFG is off to Europe!)

So the BF and I are heading out to London next week! We’ll arrive late April 3, and stay until April 8. We’re basically planning on being the total tourists, as neither of us have ever been to London before, and I have always wanted to go! I won’t have any real time for foot/bondage play, with the possible exception of Wednesday, April 8… but even then, I’ll be checked out of the hotel, so I’d need a place to go. Have you got a place? 🙂

Then I head off to Belgium, for a more work related portion of the trip. I’ll mostly be in Ghent. I will have quite a bit of downtime, though, and a room to myself (the BF wasn’t able to stay with me for Belgium). I’m not looking for any sex at all, but foot/bondage play could be fun. Do the pics below inspire you? They sure inspire me! But you’d better contact me before I leave this Friday…

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