Month: April 2009

Well, that was interesting…

So, it’s been a kinda crappy time at work. I’m pulling unbelievably long hours, the co-workers are being lazy, unmotivated and selfish pains in the asses, and I may be getting a bit sick on top of that. Suffice to say, I wasn’t in the best of moods.

But right now, I am listening in rapt attention to a tenant in our building’s laundry room (we live directly above it) who not only does not know how to use her indoor voice, but is having a spectacular conversation on her cell phone. The things I’m overhearing…

“You should have been there. It was incredible. And I mean that in the sense of beyond credible. I mean literally. The prayer circle was so strong, you would have felt the overflow just being in the room…

“Well, according to the new list released from Homeland Security, #3 of those to be looked out for are Evangelical end of times Christians…

“Oh, you have have the number for Homeland Security? I had no idea… you’ll have to give it to me… so I went on to think who else is on that list: me, you, Gloria, Maria, John, Pastor Watson, Dobbson, Billy Graham…

“Well, I didn’t want to say anything slanderous, but she looks like a lesbian to me…

“You know that Perez Hilton? He called her a slanderous word that got bleeped out. But you know, she [Ms. California] has been getting so many calls from young people thanking her for bringing them to Jesus. Did you see her? She’s a beautiful young woman. Although when she came out in that bathing suit… it was a pretty skimpy 2-piece. I prayed for her.”

Now, despite being an atheist, I am all for religious freedom. A person should believe what works for them. I respect that. That said, there are clearly some nutty people out there.

On top of it all, the woman saying all this is the same one that my BF and I assumed was a lesbian herself. She totally looks like one. Were we dead wrong, or is this really a lesbian evangelical? Doesn’t seem like a common occurrence, but who knows. In any case, it certainly entertained me. Although I’m definitely going to avoid this woman the next time I see her, that’s for sure. Unless she’s on her cell phone.

I am so over it… (and site update)

Warning: Life Vent Forthcoming

I am working with some of the most selfish, lazy, immature, unmotivated people I know. They think they work hard, and they think they know a lot, but really, they only know how to do what serves their best interest. At this point, I will be so glad when they leave, which they will be in a few more weeks. And, sadly, this includes the guy I’ve mentioned before, just a few posts below! Please, let me just hang on until then. Ugh.

End rant. Sorry, I just had to get it off my chest.

On the upside of things, I have finally updated my site. Take a look at some superhero bondage pics, hogties, and sock bondage.

Getting back to normal

In regards to the post below, I’m feeling much better. The BF and I finally got to have some Spidey-sex (what can I say… getting to Lycra now), which is making me forget my adolescent crush quite a bit. Although I will continue to stand by his hot feet. But I’m not freaking out about the dream anymore. It was a dream, and I’ve moved on.

On a cool life/work event, I’ve been asked to speak at a local event that may be covered by the papers. For obvious reasons, I can’t go more into it, but it’s pretty cool to have been asked. It’s not foot or bondage related, but I do have a successful life career out there, and it’s a nice feeling when it goes well.

That is all for now. Sexy pics later. Oh, I do plan to update my site, but I’m going to be very busy for a while, and will be so again, so I’ll have to get to it in bits and spurts. Please be patient.

I dreamed a dream…

So I’m finally done with a lot of my travels. Just got back from Las Vegas. The trip was mostly work, but I had a bit of free time to play… not that I did much but sleep, as I am still trying to catch up my body clock from European time! I did notice in local literature that the Vegas Pride Festival is coming up in a few weeks. Normally I’m not all that much of a “Pride” guy, but Vegas somehow seems like it’d be a fun place to do it. Anyone else ever gone there, or have an opinion? I probably won’t be able to make it, but maybe I could plan for it next year if it sounds good. 😉

So I had a little internal adventure while I was gone, and I suppose this blog is the place to vent and describe it.

On my last night in Vegas, I had a very hot and simultaneously disturbing dream. For those who have followed my blog, I have occasionally written about a work colleague who’s feet I have quite a crush on. Not only is he a pretty cute twink-type, but he has the most amazing feet I have seen in quite some time. He likes to work barefoot a lot, so I actually get teased with them quite a bit. It’s a bit like torture, sometimes. None of these pics are him, of course, but they are reminiscent, so you get the idea.

Well, I dreamed that I had him naked and tied in a hogtie. I watched him squirm for some time. The next thing I remember (dream continuity not always logical) is that he is now untied, lying on his back, and I am jerking him off. He ends up shooting hard and far… his cum stream smacks into the wall multiple times! He thanks me for it, and begs me not to tell anyone about this. I promise, and begin to leave the room. But as I do, I pass the wall coated with his dripping cum. I wipe some of it off with two fingers, stick the fingers delicately into my mouth, and then suck those creamy-drenched fingers, devouring his cum! I repeat this a number of times, cleaning off the wall, and then I abruptly woke up.

It was so vivid that for a moment, I thought it had actually happened! I relaxed quite a bit when I realized I had just dreamed it all. Because not only is this guy quite a bit younger than I am (like, chicken hawk status), but (ahem) I do have a boyfriend that I am very happy with! I almost feel a bit guilty about it. However, I think I have realized that this dream may also be partially because my BF and I haven’t been able to have sex in a while, because our dang jobs, travel schedules, and getting sick have gotten in the way! (Just for the record, he was not with me in Vegas–I was alone.) While I’ve been more than happy to jerk myself off lately, actual man on man action has been somewhat non-existent for a while. So I get the feeling this may be a manifestation of that. But it was so hot! But I feel so guilty. Ugh. I’d better get some playtime soon! Does anyone else in relationships go through this?

Almost hogtied…

Back from one trip, and off to another. Heading out to Las Vegas this morning. It’s actually mostly work, but I get to have some play time today. I’ll be returning after the weekend. Not long after, I should update my site! It’s been a while because of all the travel.

I also need to catch up with some more pics here. Since you can’t have too much of a good thing, here’s more hogtie variations. Enjoy watching them squirm!

Back from Europe!

Well, I am finally home… but not for long. I’ll be heading out for a short business trip again this upcoming weekend in Las Vegas! The traveling never ends.

I won’t go into any detail, but I can say that I loved London. We saw a surprising amount, given the short time we were there. However, in the spirit of making a vacation memorable, I threw my back out during the trip… to the point where I had to be sent to a hospital in an ambulance! Not quite what I expected during a vacation, to say the least. Fortunately, all is now fine. It was more precautionary than anything else, and I am quite well now.

I also visited Belgium. This was mostly for work, but I ended up enjoying the quite much more than I anticipated. Most of my time was spent in Ghent, which is a stunning city.

No foot action to speak of, save for the fact that since I would be walking around all day, my own feet were pretty ripe by the end of each day. Very enjoyable on that front!

I’m still trying to unpack and get settled back to regular life, as well as prepare for my next work trip. But as soon as I get a chance, I go back to posting some sexy pics!

A small task for you

So the BF and I are gone to London and Belgium for the next 10 days! Since I’ll be spending almost all my time being a tourist (I’ve never been to London before!), I don’t expect to get much internet/email time, if any at all. Look for me to return around April 14 or so, depending on how long it takes me to recover from all the travel. 🙂

But I’m thinking of all of you. So to keep you entertained over the week, try this… I want you to grab a smelly pair of socks. Take one of them and turn it inside out. Take the other, and stuff it back into your mouth and tie it in place, like you did with me before. Make sure the smelliest part also covers your nose, and tie it in place as well, so you’re totally forced to breathe it in. Start stroking, because I know you’re hard now. If you can, grab a freshly worn sneaker (hopefully the one you’ve cum in–you should still be wearing them), and press it over your sockgagged mouth and nose, so you can take in those fumes as well.

When you finally cum, shoot it on the sock that you turned inside out, right where your toes would go. Sop up every last drop with that sock. Then put it on over your foot. Take out the sock in your mouth, and wear that as well. Put on your shoes, and feel that cum squash all over. And then head out for your workday. Don’t take off those shoes or socks for at least 8 hours–wear them all day. When you’re done, don’t wash them. Repeat it this all week, or until they begin to get crusty. Then repeat again for the weekend, knowing you’re wearing cum-drenched socks. Keep ’em for as long as you can, in fact.

Or, why stop with just the socks? If you’re a freefoot kind of guy, shoot directly into the sneaker itself, and then slip that barefoot inside it. Better yet, shoot into your socks and sneaks, and enjoy the cum cushion.

Getting thirsty? Take those same socks and wring ’em through, like this:

Hope that gets you through the time I’m gone! Send me some pics of your cum soaked socks, sneaks, and feet, and maybe I’ll post them here! I like to reward good foot slaves.

More Superheros in Trouble

I’m getting to the last few days before I leave for my trip. I’ll send out one more post after this, but then it’ll probably be pretty quiet around here until April 14 or so.

In the meantime, how can anyone resist seeing the Boy Wonder in bondage? And don’t forget, underneath that Spiderman costume lies the eternal adorkable twink, Peter Parker. Okay, I have a rich fantasy life. As long as cute guys are tied up, it’s all good, isn’t it?