A small task for you

So the BF and I are gone to London and Belgium for the next 10 days! Since I’ll be spending almost all my time being a tourist (I’ve never been to London before!), I don’t expect to get much internet/email time, if any at all. Look for me to return around April 14 or so, depending on how long it takes me to recover from all the travel. 🙂

But I’m thinking of all of you. So to keep you entertained over the week, try this… I want you to grab a smelly pair of socks. Take one of them and turn it inside out. Take the other, and stuff it back into your mouth and tie it in place, like you did with me before. Make sure the smelliest part also covers your nose, and tie it in place as well, so you’re totally forced to breathe it in. Start stroking, because I know you’re hard now. If you can, grab a freshly worn sneaker (hopefully the one you’ve cum in–you should still be wearing them), and press it over your sockgagged mouth and nose, so you can take in those fumes as well.

When you finally cum, shoot it on the sock that you turned inside out, right where your toes would go. Sop up every last drop with that sock. Then put it on over your foot. Take out the sock in your mouth, and wear that as well. Put on your shoes, and feel that cum squash all over. And then head out for your workday. Don’t take off those shoes or socks for at least 8 hours–wear them all day. When you’re done, don’t wash them. Repeat it this all week, or until they begin to get crusty. Then repeat again for the weekend, knowing you’re wearing cum-drenched socks. Keep ’em for as long as you can, in fact.

Or, why stop with just the socks? If you’re a freefoot kind of guy, shoot directly into the sneaker itself, and then slip that barefoot inside it. Better yet, shoot into your socks and sneaks, and enjoy the cum cushion.

Getting thirsty? Take those same socks and wring ’em through, like this:

Hope that gets you through the time I’m gone! Send me some pics of your cum soaked socks, sneaks, and feet, and maybe I’ll post them here! I like to reward good foot slaves.

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