Getting back to normal

In regards to the post below, I’m feeling much better. The BF and I finally got to have some Spidey-sex (what can I say… getting to Lycra now), which is making me forget my adolescent crush quite a bit. Although I will continue to stand by his hot feet. But I’m not freaking out about the dream anymore. It was a dream, and I’ve moved on.

On a cool life/work event, I’ve been asked to speak at a local event that may be covered by the papers. For obvious reasons, I can’t go more into it, but it’s pretty cool to have been asked. It’s not foot or bondage related, but I do have a successful life career out there, and it’s a nice feeling when it goes well.

That is all for now. Sexy pics later. Oh, I do plan to update my site, but I’m going to be very busy for a while, and will be so again, so I’ll have to get to it in bits and spurts. Please be patient.

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