Day: May 2, 2009

Hot tops & Flip flops, and fantasy boi update

Enough of my griping from previous posts (although it’s still in full force). I’ve sort of gotten over my wrath at my twink boitoy eyecandy. And just in time. The last two days, he’s worn a nicely cut white tee, jeans, and barefeet. All I needed is some duct tape, and and time alone, and I know I’d be feeling much better…

But since I can’t/shouldn’t/won’t enact that fantasy (and who needs to, really, with a wonderful BF–seriously!), let’s begin a new topic for the new month? While soles always remain my favorite, I do like a pair of smooth tops, especially in summer footwear! Tis the season, you guys, and lets get those feet out there!