Gads, another weird dream

What’s been up with the sexual dreams I’ve been having lately? Although this one has an entirely new cast… a twink I’ve seen that I wanted to meet up with on a trip (“meet up” means possible foot/bondage play, but no sex–just so we’re all clear). It didn’t happen, and I haven’t thought about it since… until a couple of nights ago, in a dream.

In the dream, I knew it was the guy’s birthday, and I took him to a supermarket to order a cake. I had him select what kind he wanted, and he choose a bottom layer of angel food cake, and a top layer of green jello with pineapple mixed in (what can I say–it was dream!). Once we picked it up, I drove him around to a large vacant parking lot. I then handcuffed his hands behind his back while he sat in the passenger seat, and I began to remove my shoes and socks, which had been sweaty and cooking all day in the hot summer sun. And I was intending to press my feet into his cake, and then rub my sweaty, food covered feet all over his face and make him lick it all off, until that cake was completely gone.

I actually woke up before I got to the heavy action part, though. That may be for the best, somehow. Among other things, I think it’s odd that I dreamed having a twink service my feet. While I’m certainly up for that–I mean, who doesn’t want to see a twink squirm and struggle to service me and my feet?–usually my fantasies go the other way. Hmmm. If you’re my friend on, and you’re young, and I sent you a message a long time ago, and you had two Craigs Listing for jock cock feet slave play (I checked for that), then I’m talkin’ to you. Give me a write sometime–maybe we can make this happen. 😉

Don’t fret, things are still going well with the BF, but admittedly, overall, sex has not been happening as much as it should be. There’s a couple of factors… we’ve both been tremendously busy at work, I’ve been a bit sick for the last few days, and we’ve been together long enough that sleep sounds more exciting than sex. 🙂

Fortunately, not long after having this dream, the BF and I were able to have a long, hot, steamy bondage foot sex session that should cure me for a little while. We were able to integrate some new toys we bought from Fetters (a high quality men’s leather and bondage store), which has now sadly closed their Los Angeles branch (though their larger San Francisco store is still going strong). Pics and details of that event to come later. But I can tell you now that I shot a stream all the way up to my shoulder. =D

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