Day: May 9, 2009

TFG Update

Actually, if you’re sly, you may have already visited the site and seen it… I actually did it a few days ago, but I didn’t want my posts to overlap too much.

If you haven’t stopped by the main site yet, be sure to do so! I’ve rearranged the galleries a little bit, creating a new one called “Suspended”, which, by my definition, is any form of bondage where parts of the body are held in mid-air. The first few pics are not new, just moved into this new gallery, but there are some new pics that were taken recently… as in the last week! And they document the sexy-time mentioned at the bottom of this blog post.

To elaborate, we got some leather mitts (more of my BF’s fantasy, but I don’t mind), and some leather suspension boots. Now that we have an official bondage bed where we can suspend weight, we really want to experiment with it, and this was our first go around. After emerging wearing my new neoprene jock strap, my BF put the mitts on and pulled them up a little bit (since they weren’t really meant for full suspension). Then I slipped on the foot harness, and he pulled my legs into the air. Unable to resist, he tied my balls tight, took the loose ends, and wrapped them around my toes… which was unbelievably hot. To top it all off, he then placed the Bishop Head harness on me.

For a while he straddled my face and made me suck him, and then he reclined back and rubbed his foot into my helpless nose, simultaneously pressing my gag further into my mouth. Finally he shoved a butt plug up my ass, tied it in place, and jerked me off, shooting all over my chest, and reaching up to my shoulder. And I’m not usually a distance shooter, so that was pretty hot!

Well, in addition to the suspension event, I’ve included some pics of my tied in my lycra Spidey outfit. And, honor of the warm weather we’ve been having here in California, I thought I’d show a few “vanilla” pics of my feet poolside and wet. Enjoy, bois!