Third time’s a charm

So some sad news, and some incredible news. On the sad side, Josh (the cute twink boi at work that I lust after) will be leaving soon. Hopefully we’ll keep in touch, as we actually have become friends as well. But he’s also quite young, and in a different place in his life than I am, so I’m resigned to the fact that there’s a good chance I may not ever really see him much again, if at all. And it would only be as friends… he has no idea I lust after his feet so much, and really, I plan to keep it that way for a while. No need to destroy a friendship (by letting it get sensual/sexual with foot play) as well as a relationship. I do still have a wonderful boyfriend that I plan on keeping for a while, despite my lust for Josh. Love does win out over lust, as tough as it is sometimes. 😉

But I did get to do two wonderful things before he left… I got to sniff his socks, and take pics of his feet! So I got to take pics for his feet for actual legitimate artistic reasons. No kidding! I can’t explain it here, but there is a valid reason for it. While he did so, he removed his socks. Immediately after, he ran outside, he just stuck his feet back into his shoes without his socks, leaving them behind. Since I was alone, I couldn’t resist, and took the opportunity.

So if you’re keeping track, this is the third time I got to sniff his footwear. First was his shoes here, second was another pair of shoes here, and now his socks. And like the other times, I’m sorry to report there is no odor! Just a fabric softener smell! Obviously, that’s very disappointing. After these multiple sniffing attempts, I guess I just have to come to the conclusion that his feet have no odor on their own. This, despite the fact that I even asked him if he uses lotion of any kind (since his feet are undeniably soft). He says no, he just slips on his shoes and goes. Hmmmm.. On the big plus side, his socks were moist and sweaty. Big plus there. Enough to give me a small boner, despite the fact there’s no smell.

So I know the big question you all have: where are the pics of his feet?!?!? Well, I do have to be discrete. I need to respect his privacy. Plus, one foot was injured, which is not appealing. So when I do get around to posting, it’ll only be a single foot, with the other cropped out. But it’s going to be a while… I want to hold on to these myself for a while. I’ll just have to keep you all waiting for a while.

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