LA Pride Review

So I visited LA Pride over the weekend. It was better than I expected, but I can’t deny that I personally had pretty low expectations. I think Pride is best suited to the young (who are coming out or newly out), the activist, the hook-upper, the guys gawker, and the partier. None of which I really fit into much, except for possibly the guy gawker. Especially if they were wearing flip flops (which a number of guys were, despite it was early on an overcast Saturday afternoon).

I did enjoy an area called Erotic City, which catered to the porn/naughty side of things, but it was also very small. It did have an exhibition tent, with live displays of spanking and BDSM going on while I was there. That was pretty hot. And oddly enough, I think I recognized one of hot the slave twinks from a GearFetish profile. Uhhhhrrrmmmmhummmmm.

There were a lot of vendors around, and of course, the one I am must amused with is Barefoot Wine. I saw a lot of guys carrying this around, and we simply have to turn it into a signal for us foot fetish guys, don’t we? It was hard to resist. Even I had to grab one of their freebie canvas bags.

So it was okay. I’m glad I went. But we didn’t stay long, maybe an hour and a half? And there seemed to be a larger emphasis on the activism side of things, since gay marriage just got voted down out here in California (and that wound is still fresh). And actually, I think that’s pretty cool. I think it pulls the community together a little more.

Still, overall, I think I’m good for another 10 years before I’ll need to visit Pride again.

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