Superdude Alan, Part 1

Drumroll, please… I am please to introduce the coolest (and hottest!) man in bondage right now… Alan, from TieGuyUSA and UK! We’ve been writing off and on since the GuyzinBondage days (now defunct), and I have to say that he is one amazing guy who is doing tremendous work for bondage on the net today. And he has blessed my site with some exclusive pics! This is only part one… the last pic gives you a hint of a second posting later on, where he focuses on his size twelve feet bound up!

Did I tell you it’d be hot, or what? BTW, Alan, thanks for the Superhero angle, too! You know how to make me weak at the knees… twink, hogtied, superhero, flip flop, and (in part two), barefoot! What more can I ask for? Well, maybe to have him near me as my personal bondage toi and slave. But this is the next best thing!

Of course, I will archive these and the next set of pics on my site, so you’ll be able to see them anytime! It’ll be under My Gallery > Guest Contributers.

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