Various Videos & TFG site update

So on Wednesday, I’m heading out of town for a vacation with the BF to Northern California. We’ll be hitting various (mostly touristy) attractions, but we’re saving up a big chunk of time to visit Fetters, one of the best leather stores in the country. We used to visit their LA branch quite a bit before it closed, and I’ve never personally been to the SF one. I do order from them online quite a bit, but it’s always nice to see the goods live in person. I have some money set aside for some new toys, so I expect some fun when I return… maybe even sooner, if Sam and I can’t wait! 😉

In any case, the above should explain if updates are spotty again. But I’m taking my new netbook with me, so if I get a chance, I’ll try to post something! It just may be short, that’s all.

To keep you all hot, happy, and hard, I’ve added a massive amount of net pics to my site, over 150! So be sure to take a look at that, it’s like the “best of” the blog pics you’ve seen here. Also, here’s a new video from me… one of my hottest ones yet, if you ask me. Lots of close ups of my toes, nearly right in your face!

And a few others I like. Knowing YouTube, I wouldn’t be surprised if a few of these get taken down by them… so save them if you can, they’re hot! This first one is from a local boi that I’m quite the fan of… I got to see him get spanked at this year’s Pride! But he can top too, as you can see… and a pretty damn hot one!

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