Few Days Off (Updated 8/1/09)

UPDATE: I originally had an old, outdated link for the Hard Heroes Play Party mentioned at the bottom of this post. It’s now correct. And, I just found out some friends of mine may go… so there’s a good chance I’ll piggyback with them! So I my actually be there! And now, back to the original post…

Back from the vacation. Had a great time, especially seeing all the hot guys in flips. Very nice! Since it was a bit chilly for my taste, I stayed in shoes the whole time. But being out and walking around all day (and wearing the same pair of socks for a week) made my feet surprisingly nice, soft, sensitive and luscious! 😉

Spent a couple of days in San Francisco, and had to stop by Mr. S/Fetters, a leather and bondage shop. They had a store in LA, but unfortunately it was a victim of the bad economy, and shut down. It was my first time at the flagship store, and it was quite the experience. Almost like family for many up there! Great sense of community, and seeing guys trying out equipment live was quite the show. While I was there, one guy got strung up and whipped, and another guy got put in a sleepsack, and had a vibrator pressed against him for about 15 minutes before being escorted to a vertical cage (still in the sleepsack) and locked in.

I didn’t indulge in the public displays, but I got myself some bondage sleeves, a new (and larger) ball gag, and a butt plug harness. Already used two out of three in the hotel room that night… took pics, and they’ll be posted eventually. And Sam found a good use for those socks I wore on the trip. For those in the know (and we actually didn’t, believe it or not), but we were up there in time for “Up Your Alley”, which is a bondage/leather street festival. But we weren’t able to make it.

Upon our return, I decided I hadn’t been mummified in a while myself, so Sam was more than happy to indulge me. Once laced up on the floor, he placed a Bishop Head Harness on me, and then, for the first time, added some white noise headphones. They muffled out nearly all sound, making me very aware of my own breathing. I could hear him breathe when he laid down next to me, and when he was jerking himself off next to my bound body. Before I was gagged, I begged for him to cum in my mouth. Well, after a long time of teasing, stroking, licking, sucking, and putting clothespins on my shaft (all with a smelly shoe shoved over my nose), I finally felt his weight over me. He pulled my gag out, lifted my head, and shot his warm cum into my mouth. Before I could swallow it all, though, he cruelly shoved the gag back in, forcing some of the cum to swim in the back of my mouth. I came with some of his cum still lingering in my throat, which was unbelievably hot.

Whew. I’m hard again just thinking about it. Speaking of Hard, I just heard that this Sunday, the Hard Heros Party 6 is going on this Sunday. I was tempted to go last time, but didn’t make it. Not sure if I’ll go this time… part of me says it’d be fun, but Sam can’t make it, and going to an event like this single in costume seems to scream that I’m fair game, which I’m really not. On the other hand, how fun would it be to wear my costume out (probably Robin) and see other guys in costume, too? So we’ll see.

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