Further TFG Update

So yesterday, I did quite a bit of online surfing, and just found out about these two great sites. I’ve been looking for some bondage social networks ever since guyzinbondage had to shut down, and now there are two! They both look great, but I’m a little partial to the first one, because they link this blog! 😉 In any case, enjoy both! I’ve added them to the links page on my site, as well.

Gagged Guys
Male bondage social network. Has an independent, edgy feel to it. Still growing, but seems to have a lot of potential! Also, gotta love the fact they link me my blog. Thanks guys! 😉 Free.

Bondage Guyz
Another male bondage social network. If you’re familiar with the new feet.tv format, you have the idea of this site, but it does seem a bit faster and has a few unique features. It already has over 1000 members, and lots of pics, so it’s off to a good start! Free.

I’ve already began a profile on both, and I’ll try to add to them more Sunday or Monday when I return from my trip… which I leave for right now!

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