"Get out of my car" dream

This was just such a strange experience, I had to post about it. Last night I had some sort of elaborate, lengthy dream. I don’t remember all of it now, I at the end, I had a self-choreographed performance of some kind, and my jacket got very dirty (it was a dream; I have no idea what I was doing). Josh was there, and so were my family. I desperately want to say good-bye to Josh, so I asked him to wait for me while I said good-bye to my family first. As I do so, my sister says she hated my show. I’m very sad, and ask her to hug me. She nearly doesn’t do so, but finally does, grimacing because of the dirt on my jacket. My mother refuses to hug or chat with me at all, which depresses me even more. By the time I’m done with them, Josh has already left with his family before I can say good-bye to him.

Upset and lonely, I head back to my car. It’s dark, and at first, I mistakenly try to get into a car that isn’t mine. I finally find my car and get inside, but then a crazy, unknown woman tries to open my passenger side car door. With great effort, I lock the door, and she momentarily goes away only to try and open the rear passenger door, which is still unlocked. I can’t reach the lock in time, and that’s when I shout, “Get out of my car!”

Here’s the fun part… as I shout that in my dream, I suddenly become aware that I have shouted it in real life. At 4am. Right into the ear of Sam, my BF. Quite loudly. Waking him up in real life, frantically asking if I was okay. How embarrassing! I had to explain it all to him, but afterwards, we had a good laugh about it.

I’ve been told I talk in my sleep before, but I’ve never had a moment where I realize I’m shouting in the dream and real life simultaneously. Very weird! And just so you don’t worry, I in fact have a great relationship with my family, which makes the dream all that much more strange and unrealistic.


Well, enough of my ramblings. I’ll make my next post a sexy one.

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