Vegas and more

Not a sexy post, but an amusing one, with a lot of various info and life updates.

I don’t mention it much, but I do love OMG blog. Yeah, sometimes their info is wrong or outdated, but they have a great mix of humor, cuteness, interesting music, and hotness. One of their key contributors has announced he is leaving. Fortunately, the blog is continuing with new authors, so I’m hoping it’ll keep it’s edge.

New topic: last night, I had a dream about Josh not saying good-bye. I’ve never been able to reconnect with him since learning of his (physical) abuse, as I was gone. I do see him once in a while on facebook (I have one for work only, and he is a legit work connection), and he seems to be doing much better. The was made for him to talk with me, and it’s still out there and he knows it, so I guess he’ll use it when needed.

Well, the last few days had me in Las Vegas with Sam for vacation. It was a great time, very memorable! We saw Cirque du Soliel show “O” at the Bellagio in the 3rd row, center section. Yes, you read that correctly… 3rd row from the front. I have no idea how I got such a great ticket (well, I did get it way in advance). I liked it quite a bit, although it does get a bit repetitious by the end. Still, worth seeing. By the way, we also stayed at the Bellagio, and had a room facing the fountain show, which was a lot of fun. They pipe in the music for the show on the TV in the hotel room, so it’s like private viewing!

Visited the Liberace Museum, which is really very interesting. Try to get the guided tour, it’s very informative! Ate dinner at N9NE steakhouse at the Palm, where were had Ribeye for two… 40 oz. to share! It was great, although not that romantic, as it’s a noisy place. But the food was really good.

On our last night, we stayed at Caesars, just because we wanted to try it. I can say the pool there had some really great eye & shrimp candy. Later that night, we went to see the one and only Charo. We received an upgrade to the front row, which was an interesting surprise. I have to say, despite the fact she lip synced the songs, Charo was very entertaining. Her banter was witty and well-delivered, and she’s still quite the dynamo. She performed some current songs, such as Please Don’t Stop the Music, but the second half of the show was dedicated to her classical guitar playing skills–something most people don’t know that she actually excels at. I have to say, her playing was very real, and amazing. The best part, though was during the first half of the show, she went into the audience and started dancing and flirting with people. As it turned out, she stood on my chair and thrust her “cuchi cuchi” in my face, and she then went and grabbed Sam’s head and pressed it into her chest! We both joked it was the most intimate we’ve ever been with a woman… and it was with Charo! Hilarious!

After returning from Vegas, we had a quick turn around in LA to see Liza Minnelli perform live at the Hollywood Bowl. I’m not necessarily a huge fan, but as I said before, you can’t really pass up seeing a living gay icon. Believe it or not, she did not disappoint, and it was really quite a great show! Also fun to see so much “family” at the Bowl.

Okay, sexy pics to cum, promise! And even though it’s been quiet here lately, remember that google/blogspot has been shutting down many blogs with paid pictures that include paid porn site tags on them (which are most of the good pics, of course). While mine has escaped so far, and I’m now looking to minimize including such pics, if you find this blog gone, please check my website to further info and/or updates. I’d still try another blog elsewhere.

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