TFG Footprints, Site Update, & More

Well, it seems the social network “Gagged Guyz” is now gone. Bummer! It had a lot of potential, and some cool guys as members. While I don’t know what happened, I’m guessing the free host they were using shut it down, as it does say in their terms that sexual content was not allowed. If any of the moderators/site owners of the site would like to spread any message on my blog, feel free to contact me. I’m more than happy to share any updates if I get any.

I have updated my site. Big thanks to TieGuyUK webmaster for stopping by and clarifying about their TieGuyUSA link, which is not run by Alan/Zac, as I thought. TieGuyUK runs it, and Alan/Zac helps when he can. In any case, I practically feel like a celebrity stopped by my little site! đŸ˜‰

Didn’t add too much to my galleries, but I did include some pics of just my plain ole’ feet, and I archived the pics from twink slave boi Brett. Also a new video of a close up of my feet. The big news is that I’ve added a new Wetsuit, Lycra, & More gallery of netfinds! I already have 49 pics to display, so take a look.

Finally, a little while ago, reader Shale contacted me and asked if he could do some artwork on a pic of my feet. I said sure, as long as he gave me a copy! Here’s what he did. Very cool! Thanks a lot, and hope you enjoy!

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